All In – $5499.95

ALL IN $5499.95 (Up to 6 Shooters)

This package is a full blown .50 Caliber Tactical Assault and includes the following items:
Shoot on our private outdoor shooting range
Shoot 250+ yards on our exclusive shooting range
30 .50 BMG rounds on the Barrett M107A1 Sniper Rifle
120 Rounds on Belt-Fed M249 S.A.W.
100 Rounds on Colt M4 Full Auto with Red Dot Laser Sight
100 Rounds on HK G3
42 Rounds on the .50 AE Desert Eagle
20 Shells Remington 870
100 Rounds on a Humvee mounted .50 Caliber Browning Belt-Fed M2HB “Ma Deuce”
1 Vehicle packed with explosives
4 Exploding Zombie Torso Targets
Eyes and ears protection included
Pre-Loaded Ammunition
One-on-one tutorial with firearms safety range instructor
Complimentary bottled water during shoot
Welcome to take unlimited photos & video
International Shooters are welcome (bring Photo I.D. or Passport)
Round-trip transportation provided to our exclusive outdoor shooting range
Duration: Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours (door-to-door)
Price: $5499.95 (may be shared up to 6 shooters)

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Please Note: We strongly suggest that you add on any extra items you wish to shoot to your reservation and not wait upon arrival. Certain firearms may be unavailable or under maintenance. Ammunition, exploding targets, and supplies need to be ordered in advance. The more complete your reservation is, the better chance we are able to accommodate your special requests. Our ultimate goal is make sure we do everything on our part to make your shooting adventure a memorable one.